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"Where the film really does stand out though is with its special effects, which I doubt will be topped by anything else in 2019 and probably well past 2020. It’s rare that you get to see truly good cgi in a film which is also very well made. A lot of care went into making this by its filmmakers and it shows." -Bryan Weatherall (Resident Entertainment)

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Hroach6161077d ago

I went to see this last night. We walked in unsure of what to expect. I gotta say this was a great movie. The action was really good. The story was interesting. The world was cool and made me interested in seeing more of it. Highly recommend.
One character didn’t really work for me that I won’t spoil. It might have just been my take on it though I don’t know.
But it’s a very entertaining popcorn flick. If anyone’s wondering if they should see it just go in and expect to be entertained at least.