Here's A Much Better Look At Will Smith's Genie In Disney's Aladdin

As Disney released the debut trailer for their Aladdin live-action movie, a lot of chatter around it surrounds the iconic look of Will Smith’s Genie. It turns out that he is not that bad looking at all.

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Tiredofthisshill38d ago

Buh.... I don't want a better look at that.....thing...... Blargh!

annoyedgamer38d ago

LOL. Modern Disney is pure evil. Will Smith is great but this does not fit at all....

xer038d ago (Edited 38d ago )

He should sue Disney damaging his reputation... So sad.
The photo makes him look like he's on drugs.

Father Murder X37d ago

I think that the problem is that they made the genie look like Will Smith instead of a different design and just have him voicing the character.