James Cameron May Be Returning To The Alien Franchise

In a recent interview, James Cameron has hinted at his possible return to the iconic Alien franchise. But could he be the one to get it back on track?

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masterfox40d ago

please be true, somebody needs to save this.

Marcello39d ago

Yea, Cameron could well be the only hope for Alien. Scott has stuffed it. Blomkamp`s Alien movie is supposed to be completely dead in the water but this sounds hopeful

Deadpoolio39d ago

Well then its the wrong company who is about to own it since Disney has FACTUALLY said that they would love to continue the Alien and Predator franchises but NOT as they are in their current R rated forms...So say hello to the new PG-13 Alien and Predator films under the Disney banner

TenkoTAiLS39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Someone hasn't read the latest news. Disney has just recently stated they have NO plans to change the R rated formula for any of the R rated franchises they will aquire via the Fox merger. Which as stated in the news, includes the likes of Deadpool, Aliens and Predator.


annoyedgamer39d ago

Disney need to be broken up. This is a monopoly.

PhantomS4239d ago

The R rating will stay. What will go is the many years and movies of complete garbage that Fox rolled out as a poor excuse for an Alien movie.

zodiac90939d ago

YES PLEASE!! Ridley does not give a crap about the series anymore! Cameron will do it properly though!