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"This is hard to talk about without spoiling the movie, but one of the things that I wasn't a huge fan of is that a theme of the movie is that becoming a powerful man - the kind that action-hero fans love - can lead to pushing people away and hurting the people you love. This unfortunately reminds me too much of the 'toxic masculinity' concept that anti-men culture warriors are pushing. This viewpoint was further solidified by some of the cameos in the movie, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Of course there is nothing wrong with her cameo, but it gave this viewer pause since I know how important she is to those who often hold a similar anti-men viewpoints."

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BootHammer1395d ago

This anti-men movement has got to go away at some point. It's really getting old and causing a ton of movies serious money b/c people are sick of this getting shoved down their throats by SJW's and passing on a lot of films. Can't believe they have now poisoned the latest Lego movie with this nonsense.