Affleck's Final Batman Appearance Was As Laughable As Clooney's

Ben Affleck's final appearance as the Dark Knight, in Justice League, is undoubtedly his worst turn as the iconic hero.

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CoryHG1400d ago

Wasn't his fault. Him in Batman v Superman was amazing.

PapaBop1400d ago

He was a great Bruce Wayne for sure, Batman maybe not so much.

Nodoze1400d ago

You mean Fatman. Affleck was NOT a good choice, and was NOT a good Batman. FAIL.

InTheZoneAC1400d ago

Amazing how bad of a Batman he was. Dark Knight Trilogy will put any future iteration to shame.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

It’s so easy to confuse a good movie with a good performance and a bad with a bad.

Affleck’s Batman seemingly stepped out of the comics but he was at the mercy of poor scripts while in my opinion Bale had amazing scripts and played a great Bruce Wayne but his really weird Batman, suit, brawler fighting style and voice just never did it for me.

FalconofLucis981400d ago

Bale had a great Batman suit dunno what your on about. Besides now suddenly everyone hates Bale now, because of his voice. Talk about nitpicking moron. In a realistic world his voice makes complete sense and I for one never had any issues with it nor doubted it.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


Nobody suddenly hates Bale, his over the top voice was always critiqued. And I personally, (my own opinion) never cared for his bat suit. I’m in no way trying to bring him down I actually loved him. But to me Affleck’s Batman just shined in such terrible-mediocre films as a supporting character while Bale was overshadowed by damn near everyone in his own leading role.

Also, moron?! C’mon duuude, don’t be that guy

Deadpoolio1400d ago

Sorry not only was the Dark Knight Trilogy garbage trash, but Bale was a god awful Batman.....Those are EASILY hands down the worst Batman movies put to film...Garbage trash Nolan stripped everything out of Batman that makes the character Batman and made these awful generic "thrillers". Affleck was the best a Batman could be since Michael Keaton

Adexus1400d ago

Affleck really need his own solo Batman movie first, the warehouse scene in BvS is still the best Batman fight scene in any Batman film.