DC's Birds of Prey Provides First (Weird) Look At Harley Quinn & Others

The first look at DC's upcoming Suicide Squad spinoff, Birds of Prey has been revealed, featuring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and others.

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OffRoadKing802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

A female-cintric cast and female director with almost zero directing experience. So Hollywood pandering some more to the feminist SJW's. PASS!

iceman2929802d ago

Nothing wrong with a female centric cast... if done right and not corrupting an existing property to do so. Just like when movies try to twist an existing property to focus on SJW crap... like the Last Jedi... "wokeness" can work if it fits in the context, like in black panther... didn't feel like the latter was pandering or shoehorning ideology whereas in the former, it was painful to watch as the whole thing was focused on ideology and tossed aside what makes starwars starwars.

If this move was a justice league or teen titans, and made all the characters female, that would be a fail.