‘Polar’ Feels Like it Escaped from a Bygone Era

The latest Netflix film, Polar, wants to cash in on the John Wick hype, all while indulging in all the trademarks of sleazier action movies.

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madpuppy1407d ago

Mads Mikkelsen was actually the best part of the movie, I think the over the top enemies were more disgusting than villainous. I think they should have Played the baddies more straight and menacing and less like fools, The film could have been something that could have appealed to a larger audience, I think that the head of the assassin organization was miscast and played way to corny as well adding to the Polar-ization of the audience the least Myself. :) Good try, though.

Lord_Sloth1407d ago

I only finished it because I like Mikkelsen and WInnick. The film could have been good but it failed to live up to the trailer.