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10 Big Budget Movies That Will Disappoint in 2019

There is no doubt 2019 is going to be a solid year for movies; however, it will also be one filled with big-budget blockbusters who will inevitably let us down.

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IsaiahRogers670d ago

This is the problem with journalism and critics right here. Films haven't even been released yet but already jumping to conclusions.

Garethvk669d ago

Exactly. The premise is well fan boys and girls will be upset with them so they will disappoint. Only thing that really counts as far as the studios are concerned is with the revenue they earn. I am sure Disney was really concerned about how "Disappointed" some fans were over "The Last Jedi" they were too busy looking at the $1 Billion plus revenue it earned. Yes it may have hampered "Solo" but I think a big part was due to releasing the film 5 months later in a crowded summer. I believe had it come out in December where there was no competition it would have done much better.