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We’re Getting Another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot Very Soon

Last year, THR reported that another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot was in developed at Paramount. Of course, nobody believed it to be true. We only recently got a reboot. Why would they do another so soon?

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mafiahajeri1420d ago

Christopher Nolan should direct this and it should be dark an serious in nature like the original 1980's movie. Also cut out the CGI as much as you can.

Deadpoolio1420d ago

There is literally NO universe in 2019 where Paramount is going to pony up the money for not 1 but 4 realistic looking turtle suits.....Its going to be 100% motion capture CGI...Its not 1990, NO practical does not always look better and most companies would not pay to have full blown suits made

Minute Man 7211420d ago

The turtles look fake as hell, bring back practical

MajorLazer1420d ago

CGI TMNT look awful. They look so unrealistic

bluefox7551419d ago

I dunno if that's the reason. It took a 10,000 square foot server farm to make avatar. I can't imagine suits are going to cost much more than CGI. I think it's done because it appeals to kids and the LCDs of the world.

chris2351420d ago

another reboot? i couldn‘t even be bothered with the last one. are post-milennials into bad ideas from the 90s?

ChrisW1419d ago

That and the latest Transformers. I just didn't care to watch them.

I was 7 when TMNT and Transformers first came out. So, obviously I grew up with them... But DAMN!!! I cannot stand to watch MB's absurd CGI in-your-face renditions of them.