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This is How Disney Taking Over Fox Will Change the Film Industry

With the Disney-Fox buyout being finalized this year, it could signal the end of certain franchises as we know them. This is how.

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zodiac909276d ago

It will change for the worse...Disney has run out of ideas, and originality.

Nodoze276d ago

Disney is detroying Star Wars.....I mean you have to try REALLY REALLY hard to destroy something like Star Wars. Injecting SJW and virtue signaling decimates just about everything. Female leads just because every new Star Wars needs to be about females now. It is utterly ridiculous. The sad fact is that Star Wars from it's inception had a strong, independent, character in Leia. That is what made the dialog and the interactions so much more powerful. She was a princess, but she didn't need to be saved.

Now it is utter garbage. Rose? Girls who don't even need to train and are force adept.

So sad.

bloop276d ago

" have to try REALLY REALLY hard to destroy something like Star Wars..."

I remember being cautiously optimistic about the Disney deal when talking to friends and this is the exact thing we were saying. With the material they have to work with, how could they possibly make a bad movie? Then we got TLJ. They took a franchise with quite possibly the greatest characters, lore, world building and expanded universe ever dreamt up and literally just threw it all in the bin. It's actually unbelievable what they've done to the franchise and even after more than a year I cannot understand how that movie got the green light after ANYONE read that script. Now Fox is screwed too!!

DualWielding275d ago

Lol nothing Disney has done comes even close to being as bad as Jar Jar Binks

Purrfection275d ago

Who is forcing you to watch them? I swear some of you wake up early so you can start the day early to complain about something.

"Oh no, don't touch my Star Wars!, Don't ruin it for me!"

annoyedgamer276d ago (Edited 276d ago )


the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service.

Ninte276d ago

I can see deadpool holding up cue cards saying %@#$.

SpringHeeledJack276d ago

Where's the competition authorities? These mega takeovers and mergers are not in the consumers interest. They are too big and limiting choice and competition. Any new start ups are snapped up by these mega corps.

annoyedgamer275d ago

Where are they? Thats called congress, and Disney is a major contributor to their campaigns (both sides).

OffRoadKing275d ago

And they say monopolies are illegal, yeah sure they are.

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