Is there a chance that The Punisher could survive Netflix's Marvel cull?

This week we have been given our first proper trailer for Netflix’s The Punisher season 2. Now if you look at all the comments that fans are making about the show, we can assume shortly after the second season debuts on January 18th.

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Lord_Sloth283d ago

I doubt it. They're likely all getting pulled.

Nitrowolf2283d ago

Yeah Disney pulling them, even though they have to wait three years to use them again the sooner, the faster. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start filming here in the next year to prepare for this inevitable reboot on the Disney app

rdgneoz3283d ago

Disney is not the one pulling the shows off Netflix. Netflix is the reason for that, and the reasoning behind it is that they are not the sole owners of the IP properties. The Daredevil stars were saying their contacts in Disney were as stunned as they were that the show got pulled after doing so well. When Netflix released the huge hits for streaming, Daredevil which has a ton of views was suspiciously left out of the data. COuple that with Disney releasing their own streaming service soon and Netflix would rather stream shows / movies that they don't have to share the profits of.

Give it a month after Punisher airs and you'll see it pulled even if it has a ton of views. If Disney does anything with the IPs after they get them back, it'll be kid friendly cartoon shows most likely. Disney is not gonna show anything similar to the brutal scenes (or sex / drugs / alcohol) from the past few Marvel seasons on Netflix with their new streaming service.

tgunzz283d ago

Disney is restarting the streaming services. All disney related content will only be available through their services...

rdgneoz3283d ago

Disney movies and shows that they were responsible for (Ant-Man, Infinity Wars, etc), yes. Daredevil and company that Netflix worked with them on, nope (they'd need Netflix permission and most seasons are too graphic for what will be a PG-13 at most streaming site).