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Netflix Movie Shamelessly Copies From Naughty Dog's The Last of Us

Normally, when it comes to video games, they can be often inspired by movies but in the case of The Last of Us, this has turned out to be the exact opposite.

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ravinash1789d ago

Even the font with faded edges is the same.

DaDrunkenJester1789d ago

The Last of Us was HEAVILY influenced by The Road which is a book AND a movie before The Last of Us. But, yes, in this case the cover artwork is pretty much the same. But to say TLoU is the opposite of a game being inspired by something is false.

fr0sty1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

There were a million other similar post-apocalyptic movies and books before that which all had very similar plots. I enjoyed how TLOU kept its plot grounded in reality, with the very real cordyceps fungus evolving to infect humans in the same way it actually infects insects, by taking control of their minds and making them do its bidding. That gave TLOU a unique, plausible take on the zombie genre. Much more so than "they're dead, but now they're not dead anymore."

Chevalier1788d ago

If anything I feel like The Girl with all the Gifts stole a lot from TLOU.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1788d ago

if you think that this happened because somebody needed a cool poster, and the best thing they could come up with was copying something else and hoping nobody noticed, like this poster exists because a lack of originality/creativity on the part of those that made it..
then I think you don't understand how not completely retarded the majority of human beings are

Kizwiz61788d ago

'' as the website on the poster... You sure this poster is legit and not fan-made?

brando0081788d ago

Has anyone else seen the K-drama that looks like it revolves around the Helghast?


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