Doctor Who: Resolution TBG

TBG writes - The Doctor’s first and only appearance on our screens in 2019 occurred on New Year’s Day in Resolution (of the Daleks… told you didn’t I!), a sixty minute special that was probably shifted from Christmas Day during post-production in order to ensure Doctor Who was part of 2019 in some shape or form (it’s your lot until “very early 2020” now according to the Beeb). It was also the first sighting of Doctor Who since people’s opinions of Series 11 (or Season 11 if you’re American and don’t use the same lingo as us Brits), for us to see if any lessons had been learnt from public opinion over the weeks prior. So did Chibnall and Co improve anything that the show’s audience haven’t been keen on, or have they buried their heads back in the sands of Desolation?

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