Disney+ is Going to Change The Video Streaming Landscape in 2019

2019 will see the continuing rise of Disney as it gears up for its own streaming service- Disney+. The mouse house is going to tackle both Netflix & Amazon.

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88321d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Yay. Fragment the content market more. If we want all the content it will be just like it was paying for satellite/cable but more businesses to hand the credit card number over to. Sounds fantastic.

Deadpoolio21d ago

Nobody cares that your too poor to afford cable...Nobody cares that you can't afford multiple streaming services....Not sure why the people who keep crying about it have such a hard time grasping that nobody cares what you can't afford, or what you don't want to do or pay for, there are more than enough people that don't mind it and have no problems actually having cable....Nobody cares that you believe you are entitled to everything you want for free and shouldn't have to pay for things.....Maybe life and reality are just to expensive for some people and we need to start loading up rockets to the sun with the entitled and stupid.....

EpicFruityPie20d ago

You sound like the type that would be all for half released games and dlc to complete said half games

88320d ago (Edited 20d ago )


Kindness man. Along with your thoughts on rockets of "entitled and stupid" (over a conversation regarding entertainment mind you), I would suggest the world could well benefit from an increase in courteous and civil individuals.

If needed, please read more closely and/or forgive me for being unclear. I never intended to suggest what I could or could not afford. Where finances are concerned I only stated that I do not want to spend more (certainly not for what amounts to *similar* content to what I already have access to). For the record I prefer UHD physical media (with uncompressed Atmos and better picture) for most films that I feel are worth watching -rent or purchase depending on film -- which incidentally costs more than the streaming services, but for which the tradeoff makes sense *to me*. And the cable/satellite reference was due to the fact that for a good while the masses have felt that cable and satellite providers were price gouging relative to the options that had become available (kind of like streaming services charging the same or more than what I can purchase a higher quality physical copy for in many instances). This type of streaming model begins to eliminate the previous financial benefits that were part of streaming. I do not understand why anyone on the consumer side would defend or effectively champion increasing cost for essentially the same service but with potentially less convenience.

Additionally, my references to credit cards were intended to convey that I prefer to have my credit card numbers stored in as few places as possible and to manage fewer subscriptions. A consolidated service sounds far more desirable to me than moving toward having every studio/network/content provider want individual subscriptions. If I paid for cable, I would not want to have to put a credit card on file separately with NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, PBS, HBO, A&E, ESPN, BBC, Discovery, History, Starz etc. etc. etc. but more and more it feels like everyone wants to have their own service. Is it fair? I believe it ABSOLUTELY is fair-- it is their right to do so... It does not mean consumers have to like it. And, if you understood me correctly, it should be clear that my lack of "liking" it, does not make me "entitled". I do not like the entitled culture anymore than it sounds like you do, but would love to see a more civil/polite/dignified/kind society.

I hope this makes my thoughts a little clearer.

Take care.

Purrfection20d ago

Not sure I understand your complaint? It's entertainment, not access to clean water. This way you can choose what you want.

Gaming4Life198120d ago

Disney doing this is a bad idea and now we see why disney has been buying everything cause alot of this is already on netflix. I am not willing to have all these different streaming services or subscriptions in general and if this is the future then count me out.

ShadowKing-21d ago

Good thing for people pirating. People already do netflix and hulu. Disney + will be next. Not worried.

EpicFruityPie20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

I love Disney and won't be getting this I'm not paying for PS plus, Netflix, Spotify, there's beginning to be too much

TheColbertinator20d ago

As long Disney avoids censorship. If a certain Marvel franchise goes M rated,so be it.