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Removing Johnny Depp From Pirates of the Caribbean Will Apparently Save Disney $90M

Johnny Depp is getting out of the way for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. Disney has already confirmed that they want to have a fresh start so it is unlikely that he will return for any future entry, but this also has some financial motivation behind it.

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Aldous_Snow861d ago

Stale franchise & he's getting too old and wierder by the day.

MoonConquistador861d ago

Yet the series wouldn't have been the same without that weirdness. Go figure

GtPawnSacrifices860d ago

Agreed. And probably won’t end up seeing it or Men in Black international for the same reason.

PhantomS42861d ago

They are rebooting it? Why not just continue the world they already have with the new characters they just introduced in the last film. LIke a soft reboot.

zodiac909861d ago

They need to give this series a break.

Harkins1721860d ago

It had a break next movie is still years away

ChrisW860d ago

If it truly is a reboot, I most definitely WILL NOT be watching it. There's plenty of backstory and characters that already exist that could use some attention.

Oh, and reboots almost always suck

2pacalypsenow860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

Nobody’s gonna watch that movie without Johnny depp.

He is that franchise.