Doctor Who: A 2018 Year in Review

TBG writes - The Doctor, a 4.5 billion year old body changing Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Stealing (sorry, “borrowing”) a TARDIS at the young age of just 209 (they leave primary school at the age of 45 to give you some context), our favourite Time Lord has been travelling across space and time on our screens for over 55 years. Saving civilisations, stopping villains, and living inside a time machine that is bigger on the inside and looks like a 1950’s Police Box.

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Daeloki1427d ago

This season was boring and lacked direction. Jodie's Doctor is great, and so is Graham as a companion. Ryan and Yaz? I didn't really feel like they developed any kind of character. Ryan has Dyspraxia, and it's cool that it gets represented... although it doesn't really get represented? I mean he mentions the fact that he has Dyspraxia like 3 times, but other than that it's not really present. Yaz is reduced to a generic sidekick with no personality, which is a shame since Mandip Gill seemed like she would have had much more to give. Overall I'm left thinking that they were trying to develop on all companions, but didn't have time, so they just focused on making Graham cool.

Considering the fact that next season won't be out until 2020, they're going to have a real hard time convincing their fans to come back to give them a second chance. And I really do think at least Jodie deserves a second chance. She's brilliant as the Doctor, and she'd better get a proper story for next season.