Aquaman Beats Captain America Civil War At Box Office In China, Does Better Than Estimates

Aquaman is continuing its hot streak in China and has now sailed past the lifetime box office gross of Captain America: Civil War in China.

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franwex303d ago

Wow, more money than civil war? That's arguably marvel's best movie. I'm not sure if Aquaman is as good as that movie. The Chinese market is strange.

CJQNSNYC303d ago

Marvel films do well in China. People say great!
DC films do well and China. People have questions and attempt to qualify the success.

Having it both ways never works.

franwex303d ago

Because the opposite occurs in every other part of the world. It's just bizarre that DC doing better than Marvel considering the quality of the films. But hey, at least they have found a good source of money.

Dark_Knightmare2303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

People just can’t stand when DC releases a good movie and aquaman is a good movie. I saw it at amazon primes early Saturday showing and I loved it. It was so fun and unique and James wan did a great job bringing the kingdoms of Atlantis alive and making them imaginative as hell

quenomamen303d ago

They must be starving for entertainment

Dark_Knightmare2302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

Nah they just like that it’s a good,fun and imaginative as hell movie