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Which 5 Other Actors Could Play Deadpool Apart From Ryan Reynolds

Once Upon a Deadpool? If Ryan Reynolds decides to quit Deadpool, these actors might just fill his shoes nicely.

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04roacht1466d ago

He's far too old now probably but I would love to have seen Woody Harrellson play Deadpool

PapaBop1465d ago

That's actually a really good shout, he'd make a quality Deadpool.

PhantomS421465d ago

A 90s Jim Carrey for sure but now he's too subdued. Will Smith just no he's more hype now than anything, a farcry from the actor he actually liked. Chris Pratt can deliver jokes but I don't think he'd be able to pull off the 4th wall jokes Deadpool does. Aaron Paul is sort of out of left field on this one.

Glenn Howerton would be able to pull off Deadpool amazingly.