Exclusive: Netflix to Cancel ‘The Punisher’, Second Season Will Be Its Last

EB: The only two Netflix Marvel shows that haven’t been officially pulled yet are Jessica Jones, and The Punisher, but after receiving an update from very reliable sources yesterday, we can report that The Punisher will be cancelled. Its second season will still air, but that will be it for The Punisher on Netflix.

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Aldous_Snow1463d ago

Gutted. Nice while it lasted though

Parasyte1463d ago

It is because Disney owns Marvel and they are starting their own streaming service.

Lord_Sloth1463d ago

And when they said there would be no R-rated content on their streaming service they were full of it I guess.

BlahBlahWhatever1463d ago

Now that Daredevil is out only Punisher left so when S2 end there is no reason anymore to have Netflix you can all terminate your subscriptions.

Parasyte1463d ago

Bad take. There is still plenty of reason to have Netflix

1463d ago
Dirtnapstor1463d ago

That sucks. Season 1 was such a surprise hit for me. Didn’t think Bernthal could pull it off, but he did fantastically so!

Nodoze1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Thanks Disney. You decide to do your own portal (which will fail spectacularly) and as a result all of the great programming that Netflix was funding is going away. This is why I HATE corporate greed.

If DC were smart they should approach Netflix and advise they want to make original programming. That would be the ultimate FU.