Daredevil Officially Cancelled By Netflix

In another blow for Marvel fans, Netflix Deadline has reported that Daredevil has been cancelled after its third season.

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Aldous_Snow14d ago

Damn. It was their most popular marvel series so Jessica Jones is definitely gettin the chop too after season 3. Lets hope The Punisher survives, but I doubt it now

DrShoe13d ago

None of them will survive, this isnt Netflix's fault but rather Disney. Remember Disney wants its own streaming service.

Porcelain_Chicken13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yup ^^^ instead we’re getting fucking Falcon and Vision shows 😑

Deadpoolio13d ago

It's not abut Disney wants they're own streaming service...They are FACTUALLY starting their own streaming service, Disney announced it MONTHS ago....They aren't going to keep content they own on other services when they're starting their own....