Africa Might Be Getting A Wakanda-Themed Amusement Park

After the release of Black Panther earlier this year, people from around the world have been trying to visit the fictional world of Wakanda, not knowing that the African kingdom doesn’t really exist. Businessman MK Malefane is hoping to take advantage of the appeal by building a unique theme-park based around the futuristic city in Africa.

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Kabaneri1464d ago

Africa needs to work on making their people more prosperous before focusing on a theme park for foreigners.

SpringHeeledJack1464d ago

Anything to reinforce their fantasy that they are on the same level as other races lol instead of the truth that they have the lowest IQ. How about stopping racist attacks on white farmers and murdering people white people. South African government forcing every white business to be handed over to black community groups.

IsaiahRogers1463d ago

Why hasn't this guy been banned? This is straight-up a racist comment. Lowest IQs? Dude, you can't even put sentences together properly.

Plus, your comments about the genocide of white people in South Africa is a joke.

Eiffel1464d ago

Hilariously pathetic.

bluefox7551463d ago

Yay racial identitarianism.