Have We Seen Too Much Of The Aquaman Movie?

We’ve seen his new suit. We’ve seen his underwater world. We’ve seen him fight against his enemies. We’ve seen his origin story. We’ve seen the amazing visuals. We’ve heard the amazing soundtrack. How much more do we really need to be convinced that Aquaman is a must-see film?

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ninsigma1478d ago

We see too much of every movie. It's really getting out of hand.


Mannn..ain't that the truth.

Ninte1478d ago

That 5 minute trailer should of been the final one but no, they decided to release another one.

spicelicka1478d ago

Doesn't matter, you already know how this pg-13 mainstream dumb down generic super hero flick #157274 is going to be without even seeing the trailer.

boing11478d ago

I concur. There is worrying trend of spoiling whole story in trailers.