MovieCast Ep. 2 – Should We Be Excited About Toy Story 4? - The Koalition

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: On this week’s episode of MovieCast, Entertainment Editor Dana Abercrombie and I share our candid thoughts on the newly released teaser trailer for Toy Story 4. Did this trailer convince us that the movie is worth seeing or is it time for Disney and Pixar to give this franchise a break? We dive into this topic and also discuss the other following topics:

Remembering Stan Lee
Detective Pikachu Trailer Thoughts
Instant Family Review
Overlord Review
and More

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rbailey28d ago

Toy Story 4 seems like an unnecessary sequel but I'm more than certain that Disney will make a ton of money on the movie regardless. Detective Pikachu looks interesting so we will see how that does when it drops next year.

sagesurge27d ago

I'm excited for Detective Pokemon more than Toy Story 4. I can't explain it but I am.

PhantomS4225d ago

Shame because Detective Ryan Renalds featuring Ryan Renalds who isn't acting like anything else besides Ryan Renalds looks like garbage. Terrible CGI.