Predator Is Still The Greatest Action Movie Ever, Here’s Why

2018’s The Predator directed by Shane Black has released to reviews that have divided fans and critics alike, but the 31-year-old original Predator st ill remains the best film in the franchise and the one of the great action films ever made.

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FlyingFoxy629d ago

Rated 7.8 on IMDB, according to some morons anything ranked in the 7.x range is bad.

Film taste is too subjective IMO, that's why i rarely pay attention to varying scores on different sites.

Zefros629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Terminator 2 gets my vote.

robtion629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

The original Predator is awesome just like the original Alien. The Blu ray remaster looks amazing.

One of Arnies best films along with Total Recall and Terminator 2.

masterfox629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

is a great movie no doubt, but action movie?, Predator is like a suspense horror movie, most of the time they remain silently walking in the jungle.