Avengers 4 Is Even Longer Than Infinity War

Fans with bladder problems might have a tough time watching Avengers 4. During a recent Q&A on Instagram, director Joe Russo revealed that the current runtime for the follow up to Infinity War, which ran for two hours and 40 minutes, sits at three hours. If the duration stays the same, Avengers 4 would become Marvel’s longest movie to date.

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Deadpoolio30d ago

Until Disney makes them cut it down to fit into the 2hr time range....Kinda like they did to Joss Wheadon and Age of Ultron when they forced him to cut an hour out of the film, then LIED straight to his face telling him that he could restore the footage into a director's cut blu-ray release, and then told him nah never mind you don't get to restore the footage...

Lionsguard30d ago

The problem with AoU wasn't the length it was that he was just a bad villain. If Joss was going to make him just an evil robot, he needed to be x100 more evil.

Wolf87330d ago

I would love a 3 hour Avengers movie, these movies are fun to watch so more the better imo.

Ninte30d ago

I'm sure it will be cut back.