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John Cena Is The Next Captain America ?

“you can't see me”

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13d ago
Ninte13d ago

How about someone that's already in the MCU like The Winter Ooilder or Falcon?

ninsigma13d ago

I think falcon and bucky make the most sense and pretty sure it'll be one of them rather than a new character. I wonder if they've struggled to decide which one it'll be because they both seem to be strong candidates.

rdgneoz313d ago

Both have become Capt in the comics at different points in time, so they'll most likely be the obvious (and hopefully only) choices. Picking someone random outside to take over an important role would be dumb.

blackblades13d ago

I mean in the comic both ended up as captain america at one point.

ninsigma12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Wasn't aware of falcon being cap in the comics but knew about Bucky which is why I was always leaning towards him being the new CA.

Yeah agreed, having a random new character be cap would suck.

chris23512d ago

nothing screams „we‘re done, we don‘t care anymore“ as considering a wrestler for a well-etablished franchise. lol@hollywood, a living dead industry.