Star Wars & Toxic Fanboy Culture- How It Ruins The Experience of Movies

Fanboying can often lead to changing our perceptions and experiences completely and it is a plague to movies & pop-culture.

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drpepperdude39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Lol I think your article is more toxic than who you're complaining about.

BlahBlahWhatever39d ago

What a pile of horse shit... when something is bad it's bad, that's how it is & fans have any right to protest & any tard who is against that can eat shit & STFU, THE END.

Inzo39d ago

The Last Jedi is a piece of crap, end of story. The toxic film industry and NPC's are ruining the experience not the fans.

MWH39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

you're spewing in the wrong place, take your plague somewhere else and know the difference between critical fans and blind fanboyism.

annoyedgamer39d ago

Srar wars fans bad

npsopin #384638

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