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‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Demonstrates How Brilliant TV Horror Can Be

The Haunting of Hill House is well worth a watch — not only for its impressive technical chops and the depth of its screenplay, but for its massive heart.

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spicelicka1502d ago

The Story was really well written and character development was great, but there wasn't much scary about it. It was littered with the same inconsequential jump scares that almost all horror movies have now days.

Vandamme291502d ago

I agree with you...I heard so much about it..I started watching it and realized there is nothing original about it.

SpringHeeledJack1502d ago

Nothing scary and very boring to be honest. Castle Rock is better.

Aldous_Snow1502d ago

Binge watched it. Thought it was great

ninsigma1502d ago

Fantastic show. Really well written. Not particularly scary but very entertaining none the less.

1nsomniac1502d ago

Great program. I’d say best horror series that there’s ever been. Glad that it’s tried as hard as it can to stay away from cheesy American teen horror. Actually feels like a real horror film which tv horror series up until this point have really struggled to achieve.