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Is Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 The Best Season Yet? - Review Discussion I The Koalition

Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes: Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 will be available on Netflix starting on October 19th, but we had the chance to watch the first 6 episodes from the highly anticipated new season. In this review discussion video, we each share our own candid thoughts on the characters and the overall direction of the show so far without revealing any specific spoilers. Take a listen if you want to know what to expect once the show launches this Friday.

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rbailey658d ago

The best season of Daredevil so far.

sagesurge658d ago

Hands down the best season ever. The best Marvel TV show so far.

SwiffEpics658d ago

Loving this season so far.

Aldous_Snow656d ago

I start on this when im finished with the haunting of hill house

Hroach616656d ago

It could def be argued. With 3 fantastic seasons I think it comes down to personal preference. Season 1 was just badass in its execution introducing daredevil and watching him become who he is. Season 2 was awesome with the first half dealing with Punisher and the second half dealing with Elektra. And the third season is just great writing dealing with Fisk and his plans PLUS Bullseyes introduction.
3 great seasons. Genuinely a hard thing to do to have 3 phenomenal seasons.