The Hate U Give Movie Review Discussion - The Koalition

Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes: The Hate U Give is out right now in theaters everywhere. Entertainment Editor Dana Abercrombie and I had an opportunity to see the film and wanted to record our instant reactions to the George Tillman Jr. feature film. In this review discussion video, we each share our own candid thoughts on the narrative, how the film compares to the book, and how each character was portrayed thanks to the talented cast. Take a listen if you already saw the film or want to know what to expect should you decide to go see it.

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rbailey363d ago

Without a doubt one of the most important movies of 2018.

warriorcase361d ago

I thought Black Panther was suppose to be one of the most important movies of 2018?

SwiffEpics363d ago

Still need to read the book first.

sypher361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

It doesn't ride that line between pushing a political agenda whilst making a good movie, very well.

One suffers for the other (the latter most so). With characters that merely become props, and a series of hamfisted situations that could rival a disaster movie in terms of convolution.