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Why Has Nobody Considered Christopher Reeve’s Son For Superman?

Follow-up reports claim that Warner and DC are already looking at replacements. Why has nobody considered Christopher Reeve’s son, Will Reeve?

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Porcelain_Chicken1694d ago

Henry Cavill is a perfect Superman! Just let him be.... Superman!! Give him the material WB and you’ll be printing money

Minute Man 7211693d ago

As long as it's nothing like JL Sups

Porcelain_Chicken1693d ago

Don’t remind me mun!!! I think Henry, Ben and Gal are perfect for the roles and look amazing as their respective characters. It’s infuriating to see them in such subpar movies!

SenorFartCushion1693d ago

Unfortunately, it's the JL Supes that people want

Edito1693d ago

Unfortunately Henry Cavil is no longer in scene


Too bad

Porcelain_Chicken1691d ago

His agent says that isn’t true and that he’s still very much in. Idk man. Confusing af.

PhantomS421693d ago

Yeah, I saw three movies with Cavill as Supes and he was utter garbage. And now he is off to ruin the character of Geralt from The Witcher.

Porcelain_Chicken1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )


Henry did the absolute best he could with what he was given. He didn’t write the scripts you know lol. But seeing him in the suit, hearing him talk, his mannerism were all there and spot-on. But all of that comes to a screeching halt if the Superman he’s playing is just kinda there.

Phoenix761693d ago

Why has nobody asked him? Well it could be this statement taken from the article itself that explains it........

Unfortunately, there is one big problem. He isn’t a very big Superman fan. In an interview with Jeff Pearlman, Reeve discussed his disinterest in superheroes. “I’m not a huge Superman fan, or fan of superhero movies generally.”

Answered their own question.

No_Pantaloons1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

He certainly looks the part and would likely do well in the role, but that was the case with Brandon Reeve and they got rid of him. DC unfortunately is clueless why their movies fail and in their rush to fix things they just replace actors, when it was never the actors fault the movie sucked. Now Henry Cavill is on the chopping block, he should just walk away and focus on the witcher role, cause he'll just be a scapegoat when the next dc movie bombs.