9 Casting Decisions That Hurt The Deadpool Movies (And 11 That Saved It)

The Merc with the Mouth's two movie outings have featured a formidable cast, but not all casting choices were home runs.

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-Foxtrot91d ago

T.J Miller was great in Deadpool, he killed it in the role and was pretty decent

"Saved: Zazie Beetz (Domino)"

LOL...urm no

Out of all the rumoured people who auditioned or were wanted she was the weakest and if they were going to cast her they could have least made her look like Domino to make up for the fact she didn't act as well in the past to what we expected from Domino as a character but nope.

At this point she's a new character and when Marvel makes a future Deadpool film after the FOX merger I hope they recast her. All this "blew everyone away" crap is just people bigging her up after the controversy when people made out people didn't like her because she was black rather then "why not paint her White, Zoe does it as Gamora"