Iron Fist Extinguished On Netflix – Series Comes To A Close With Season 2

Marvel’s partnership with Netflix has been a productive one, but one character brought to life on the streaming platform has now reached its end.

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Aldous_Snow93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Because it was crap. They should end Luke Cage too. Its terrible.

Jessica Jones is barely hanging on after a poor season 2. They should can that too if season 3 is as bad or worse than 2.

Daredevil & The Punisher are great. Though I might change my mind Punisher if season 2 turns out not to be as good or better than the first

drpepperdude93d ago

Daredevil was the only one I thought was ok but not going to lie I didn't watch the the entire season of the rest so I don't know how good overall they were. Punisher I still need to watch but I kinda lost interest in Marvel after watching some of Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

spicelicka93d ago

Agreed with all those. Don't know why people gobble up anything with a marvel logo.

KwietStorm93d ago

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are great.