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Dwayne Johnson is the Same Guy in Every Movie

Is it us, or do you feel that Dwayne Johnson plays the same character in all his movies? We all love The Rock, and we all love his movies, but from Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) to San Andreas (2015) to Rampage (2018) and his latest, Skyscraper (2018), he’s practically the same guy in every movie.

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Aldous_Snow741d ago

Been saying the exact same thing for years.. He's an over rated one dimensional, narcissistic slaphead with no acting talent whatsoever. He will put his name to any movie or tv show as long as his mug is on the screen at all times

madjedi741d ago

He is a large guy that plays, strong hard guy roles. "He will put his name to any movie or tv show as long as his mug is on the screen at all times" You have to get your name out there and strike the iron when it's hot, otherwise your time in Hollywood will expire and you will get no more offers. Hello Mcfly anyone home.

Likely 90% of actors are doomed to b or c tier actors, there is a very finite space for the top rank of actors, not everyone has the connections, the opportunity or in some cases the talent to make it to the big leagues, maybe if he was given some roles that aren't limited in scope he could flesh that out a little bit.

When is the last time morgan freeman was cast as the lead action role star and not either the mentoring father figure or the boss at the top leading a organization.

If your that hung up on watching an artist work, watch Broadway plays instead of Hollywood big budgets movies.

agent4532740d ago

Maybe because of Morgan Freeman age.

madjedi741d ago

It is almost like type casting is a thing.

Gaming4Life1981740d ago

Yea but the rock is awesome and his movies are good.

tgunzz740d ago

Hell, the only actor who changes per movie is Johnny Depp... Type casting is extremely common from big screen to small screen...

SamPao740d ago

Johnny Depp? I've seen the same role from him in a tons of movies.

to the OP, a lot of actors have that problem. and its not because of them its because the directors actually want exactely that character... So...I dont see the problem

Yi-Long740d ago

"Johnny Depp? I've seen the same role from him in a tons of movies."

No you haven't. You're referring to all his Tim Burton and other 'goofy' and 'kooky' roles, yet they're all very different characters. Captain Jack Sparrow is nothing like his Tonto. His Ichabod Crane is nothing like his role in From Hell, or Sweeny Todd. His Edward Scissorhands his nothing like the Mad Hatter. Etc etc.

He enjoys playing weird characters, but personality and performance wise, they're all notably different from each other. And he does an amazing job in all of those.

In fact, the only times I find Depp doing a boring performance, is indeed when he's doing the normal boring straight male lead part. Probably because he finds them a bit boring himself.

Also funny at how this criticism is often cast at Johnny, who goes all over the place with the roles he picks and plays, while folks like Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford seem to avoid such criticisms...

annoyedgamer740d ago


Tonto and Jack Sparrow were the same. I saw the same mnnerisms.

AAWELLS09740d ago

Christian Bale. Look up his transformations.

Yi-Long740d ago

"We all love The Rock, and we all love his movies"

No we don't, and no we don't.

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