Mysterio Revealed in Spider-Man Far From Home

Mysterio Revealed in Spider-Man Far From Home - Spider-Man Far From Home is finished filming and a video has leaked of Jake Gyllenhaall as Mysterio.

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guywazeldatatt1528d ago

Gyllenhaall is such a great actor. Honestly cannot wait for this film!!!

PhantomS421527d ago

Same. I've wanted Mysterio in a movie since Spider-man 2 came out. I'm more excited to see Holland/Peter's post-infinity war. That's why I loved Iron Man 3 so much because it was a direct follow up from Avengers and how Tony was coping after his entire view on the world changed. Spidy is just a kid still so space travel and "dying" are going to certainly have a huge toll on him. Plus Mysterio is great.

guywazeldatatt1526d ago

I want to see how peter reacts to...literally dying. And given his ultra senses, just emotionally and physically that's going to have an effect on him.

emiyaxtousaka1528d ago

lookinggg sooooo good. I can't wait for this film. Tom Holland is the best spider-man.

guywazeldatatt1528d ago

Gyllenhaall would have been so much a better SM than Toby Maguire.

X-Alchemist1527d ago

Disagree, I reckon he overdoes the innocent awkward teenager role, to the point where it actually gets pretty irritating. He also can't string a sentence without saying 'awesome' and the whole daddy-like relationship with Iron man is cringe. Maybe if he was written better I'd like him more.

XisThatKid1527d ago

Toby did just that. He was terrible omho

guywazeldatatt1526d ago

Toby was the worst. I can't watch those films. I liked Andrew Garfield, his scripts just sucked, unfortunately.

meganick1527d ago

He better wear the fish bowl helmet or I’ll be disappointed.

guywazeldatatt1526d ago

I honestly don't mind if he doesn't, but it should be a mix of classic and something new.