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Best Black Actresses of All Time

This is a list of Best Black Actresses of All Time. These great black actresses have starred in every genre of film from musicals, to dramas to comedies.

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Psychotica1530d ago

I bet you never see "Best White Actresses of All Time" article because that sounds too racist..

Mr_cheese1530d ago

I agree, it's unnecessary to catagory based on skin tone. Genre, yes. Country, yes (beat french, best German, best pakistani etc). Skin tone? No.

The_Blue1530d ago

So why do you think this list was created; to help give you the confidence to spread ignorance and fallacies?

X-Alchemist1529d ago

Tbh this whole website is trash and shouldn't even be on FW but anything gets approved these days.

Sitdown1529d ago

No, it's because that has pretty much been the standard since the beginning; would be pointless to overemphasize.

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Sitdown1529d ago

Halle Berry definitely should not be #1. This list is so short sighted.