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Jurnee Smollett-Bell Cast As Black Canary. The Internet Is Outraged

First, it was Black Panther. Then, it was Anna Diop as Starfire. Now, Jurnee Smollett-Bell has come under fire for being cast as Gotham City Sirens‘ Black Canary.

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masterfox1534d ago

Well the internet is right on this one, the Original comic character of Black Canary is actually a blonde female is always been like that, changing it to another ethnicity is in this case Afro-american I think is just wrong and actually offensive cause they are just using this just because the character name contains the word Black in it.

jukins1534d ago

Lol how ignorant. Please dont reproduce. "They chose a black character because BLACK canary is the name" wtf?!?!?!

masterfox1533d ago

well if your kind is alive and kicking and get's annoyed by a comment (worst of all kind), so everyone should have a chance ;)

Porcelain_Chicken1533d ago

Seemed like a good a reason as any of you ask me 😂

Kabaneri1533d ago

The left is hell bent on destroying every aspect of Western culture.

Lord_Sloth1533d ago

So outraged that all I get to see (again) is articles talking about this outrage that I can't see anywhere.