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Solo: A Star Wars Story review - ChristCenteredGamer

The Rebellion is in its infancy as the Empire is getting stronger and more hostile by the day. Something needs to be done about them and Han must choose his alliances carefully.

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Alexious958d ago

I think I'm gonna watch it tonight!

BootHammer958d ago

Such a nice difference from TLJ. Loved the surprise cameo!...(no spoilers). Roque One is still the golden standard for new Star Wars Films. Glad Rian and Kennedy weren't around to ruin this one. Still gutted from what they did to Episode 8.

PapaBop958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

What are you on about? Kennedy was very much around and her foul stench is all over the movie. It's so bad they literally added a whole character to promote the pro feminist/sjw agenda with one scene in particular being so cringe that I was questioning whether it's trying to be a parody.

It's a shame really that the movie got buried by the TLJ controversy, if nothing else, Alden Ehrenreich done an amazing job as Han Solo, I was surprised that I warmed to him.