Todd Phillips Releases Test Video Showing Joaquin Phoenix in Joker Make-up

EB: If this is what his Joker will look like, I’d say it’s a mashup of the clown mask Heath Ledger’s Joker wears at the beginning of The Dark Night during the bank heist, and Ledger’s actual Joker makeup.

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Aldous_Snow120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Terrible , but better than Leto

ziggurcat120d ago

well, that's wrong... he's not supposed to be a clown.

zodiac909120d ago

He would be so well suited for this role.

Babadook7120d ago

I like Phoenix and this snippet works for me.

Inzo120d ago

This seems more like homage to Ledger's clown mask in the Dark Knight.

Porcelain_Chicken120d ago

It probably is! Most people assume we are seeing the finished product and this is how he’ll go toe to toe with Batman but it probably isn’t