“Find Out What Makes A Hero” - Captain Marvel Trailer Released

Marvel Studios has released the first trailer for Captain Marvel. The movie stars Brie Larson as superhero Carol Danvers and is set in the 1990s.

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ZaWarudo1541d ago

Looking good, but...

Her > Hero thing was cringey as f**k. Like, really? Keep political BS out of my Marvel Movies.

Averyashimself1541d ago

Looks kind of stupid. Im getting a lot of Green Lantern vibes.

Daishi1540d ago

It feels overwhelming generic. Personally I'm getting Wonder Woman vibes. Thought that was gonna be good and it ended up being extremely cheesy. My bet is this is being marketed at the younger crowd, none of the long term fans care about captain marvel.

KingPin1541d ago

one facial expression for 80% of the trailer....ill pass.
also, i bet you everyone will be so busy licking this crap up that nobody is going to question the timeline or the fact that nick fury had her on speed dial this entire time and didn't contact her once through all of this even with worlds getting destroyed.