Michael B. Jordan As Superman? An Anatomy Of A Rumor

Is Michael B. Jordan really playing Superman? Well, maybe, but despite reports, it's probably not as a replacement for Henry Cavill.

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Hroach6161540d ago

So WB clearly has its head up its ass. Not JUST with this RUMOR of MBJ casting as Superman. But getting rid of Cavill if it’s true. Although the writing for his character has been up and down(largely down) he does an amazing job in the role with what he was given. Between him and Afllecks portrayal in BvS they are the saving graces of the DCU.
Not even touching on the recasting. Getting rid of Cavill just shows even with the change of leadership at WB they clearly have no idea what they are doing. I have zero interest in DC films after WW and Shazam. WB can’t be trusted and as much as I want to see great DC films. If this is all true I hope all their films bomb and entirely new leadership is brought in yet again to reboot the whole thing. If it isn’t who knows what garbage we will continue to get in the future.
Smh. What the hell is DC even doing. Clearly it’s not planning ahead

Aldous_Snow1539d ago

Lmfao didnt think the state of DC movie universe could get anymore embarrassing. Every movie has been dire (WW was ok)

Afleck out, Cavill out. Now they stating Superman is like Bond. And they might put a black superman in? Hahahahahaha good job explaining that one away

MWH1539d ago

may the fake SJWs and PC burn in hellfire and rott there for all of eternity. How do you like this spell?

Scatpants1539d ago

Goin for that Black Panther money.

Mithan1539d ago

I want a transgender Superman that has an alter-ego of Loise Lane by day and switches to a nice big manly Asian Super Man by night!

lol Hollywood is fucking stupid. Maybe one day California will fall into the ocean and take all these idiots with it.