Thanos Shattered A Moon But Captain Marvel Can Move Planets

Long before Steve Rogers was defrosted or Tony Stark built his first suit - there was Captain Marvel. Brie Larson recently revealed the staggering scale of her character's abilities.

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ninsigma61d ago

I know next to nothing about captain marvel. I hope she's not as boringly OP as Superman!

ChrisW61d ago

I like the original Superman... You know, the one who could leap over tall buildings and stop a speeding train as his major strengths.

Oh... And I also know nothing about Captain Marvel.

Inzo61d ago

Well, Carol Danvers isnt that powerful and she is probably one of the least liked characters by comic book fans. Oh and there is only one Captain Marvel and he's name is Billy Batson aka Shazam.

ZaWarudo60d ago

Everybody already called him Shazam when he was still officially captain marvel.

Godmars29060d ago

Surprisingly, DC lost that lawsuit. Marvel - somehow - filed for the rights first.

AHall8860d ago

Sounds like they're giving her a massive upgrade compared to the comics.(Unless they've changed her in comics recently, I know she's had 4 or 5 reboots in just the past 6 years.)

Godmars29060d ago

Don't think there are any Marvel characters who can move worlds by themselves.

DrShoe60d ago

Sadly, the actress is basically a block of wood, so I fear that this will be Marvel's first cinematic failure. The character isn't interesting, and the actress is just another empty-headed Hollywood SJW who rants about men being evil and toxic.

Fluke_Skywalker60d ago

Tbh I think you may well be right. I saw some of her sjw tweets and it actually dampened my interest in the movie sadly.

KillZallthebeast60d ago

Lol now that I think about it you're right. I never considered it before but every movie I have seen her in she's fairly unimpressive and very forgetful. Sort of like butters from southpark.

Godmars29060d ago

Sine when? Think she took out a fleet on her own, but that was after becoming Binary.

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