Venom’s Insane New Power in the Comics has Revealed Much About its Plot in the Upcoming Movie

It can be difficult to believe Sony’s spider man series without Spiderman but it is true as the upcoming movie Venom of Marvel comics is plotted without the character of Spiderman as the movie only reveals about the supernatural powers of Venom.

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TorpeAlex48d ago

This really reads like someone put an actual article through Google Auto Translate. Plus large sections of it are nonsense, considering Spider-Man is confirmed to not be a part of the film.

Deadpoolio47d ago

Actually NO he isn't confirmed to not be part of the film....Marvel has been hinting that he may be making some sort of cameo in Venom, on top of them hinting that they might consider it part of the MCU.......Sony still owns the Spider-man IP so they could do whatever they want with the character since they have 10000% control of ALL solo Spider-man films....Marvel didn't get money for Homecoming