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Oscar Isaac Rumoured For Matt Reeves' The Batman

While Oscar Isaac might be in nearly every big blockbuster production this year, fans will be surprised to learn that the actor might be attached to play a role in the upcoming Matt Reeves solo Batman film.

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MWH1564d ago

Oscar is an excellent actor, I can see him make it work but his physic may get in the way. remember, Keaton was around the same height and he's one if not 'arguably' the best batman ever.

on another note, the Joker movie is in the making with Joaquin Phoenix as the titular. If he successfully delivered the role and I believe he will, I hope he replaces Jared Leto. Leto's joker was boring as f..

IsaiahRogers1564d ago

So the world is ready for a Batman that isn't white?

dota2champion1564d ago

He's not playing batman in the film. This film is a prequel, they are going for a younger batman