Gunn Control

James Gunn has been removed from the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. A decision that was made by Disney that they had the right to do, but certainly was not the correct one.

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doritos83d ago

Oh, all jokes? Only very naive people believe that. But let's play the lefts game and pretend it was all jokes. But then what about the pictures? The pedo themed sex party pics. Still all a joke?

Mekami8683d ago

Yah man if it was anyone other then a leftist Hollywierd elitist people would be crying outrage and he would never work again..funny the double standard the left has..

Kabaneri83d ago

Just like how they dont support deporting illegal aliens and criminals, yet they celebrated yesterday when Trump deported a 90 year old former SS to go die in Germany.

jukins83d ago

lol when arm chair political experts randomly meet on the internet and rehash bias talking points while pointing out the bias of the other side lol lo0l lol