Tom Cruise Reportedly Frontrunner to Play Green Lantern

Warner Bros. might be enlisting A-list talent when they reboot Green Lantern Corps, according to [...]

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dota2champion88d ago

I love tom cruise in every movie that he's in, but he's too old to take this role.

No_Pantaloons88d ago

LOL. I want this to be true just to see it bomb faster than the original GL movie. The fact that theyre even considering this proves there is still no hope for the DC movie universe.

PhantomS4287d ago

Well, that is certainly one way to prove you really hate the movies you make and you are actively trying to sabotage them before they even get made. I guess Deadpool time hoping to erase that Green Lantern movie from being made kind worked because if Tom Cruise is in it then it's guaranteed to be terrible.

jerethdagryphon87d ago

No not him I'd rather see vin deisal play it

KingPin85d ago

honestly, i dont want this to happen. not because tom is old or not the right actor as some are saying but i enjoy seeing tom cruise do his own stunts. none of that CGI nonsense. i dont see how they going to do this without CGI.....and man, for CGI to look good, its going to cost a pretty penny.