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Was Judge Dredd (1995) Really That Bad?

One June 30th of this year, it was the twentieth anniversary of the feature film release of Judge Dredd.

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MWH1577d ago

I thought it was fun.

Deadpoolio1577d ago

The only real problems it had were either the producers or Stallone thinking it was a good idea to have Dredd not wearing his helmet for 75% of the movie....Even then I guess it makes sense your not going to have a major star like Stallone and then cover his face for the entire film....Outside of that it was just kind of a dumb fun popcorn flick....

CobraKai1577d ago

It was fantastic. I am a huge fan of Steven De Souza’s writing. I prefer Stallone’s Dredd over the still good reboot

Bismarn1577d ago

The movie's tone was ruined at the very beginning, after he's subdued the bad guys that were giving the rookies such problems. He then lines them up and judges them. When he gets to the guy who killed a judge and will be executed, the movie has the guy draw a weapon to make it look like Dredd killed him in self-defense. They director wasn't brave enough to actually have Dredd execute the man as is true to the character. It's the Han Solo thing all over again.

Gaming4Life19811577d ago

I liked it alot better than the new dredd. The new dredd was ok especially for its rated R rating but the overall movie was meh.I honestly cared about no one in the movie and the end was so lame but that's just me.

big_dom_returns1576d ago

It's was shite. Mistook everything wrongly about what Dredd is about as a character and turned him into a camp, schlocky Rambo, which is so far off the mark, its laughable. Those preferring this over the 2012 version need their head checking. That or they just haven't read a 2000AD comic in their puff. Urban's Dredd nailed the character in every way,

A fine example of how the Stallone version got it so wrong is when he books someone for parking his car wrong, then blows it up. A judge would never do this as its actually committing a crime. In the comic "Uprise" a judge does this, and it causes a massive city riot.