FIRST LOOK at Disney's Live-Action Mulan Movie is Here

Production starts on the live-action adaptation of their animated classic.

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SarcasticDuck158d ago

I'm sure Mr. Walt Disney would be disapointed with all this BS live action remakes! The man created one of the best classic animation studios in the world and now they completely gave up on that for live action BS and 3D animation!

spicelicka158d ago

For real!! The 3D animation is good as a second studio but they don't make epic cartoon movies anymore!

Daeloki158d ago

I'm not gonna argue on 3D, either you like those or you don't. I personally think they can be just as impressive as classic animation, but I completely understand your point of view though.

As for live action remakes, I don't see the problem with those, it's not like they take away from the originals. If anything they can serve to reintroduce people to the originals. I had never seen Beauty and the Beast before I saw the live action one, but I liked it so much that I watched the animated one the day after.

annoyedgamer157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Looks..just as I soul, just angry fighter. And what is that hand sign she's doing? It looks like it came out of a Japanese anime...facepalm.

Daeloki157d ago

It's one picture, calm your tits...
As for the hand sign, it's a pretty common way to hold your off hand in jian (chinese straightsword) styles in Wushu (Kung Fu). Look up "traditional Jian form" if you want references