Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox Likely Puts Future ‘Alien’ Movies In Jeopardy

The Deadbeat Critics: “As you’re probably already aware, Disney has successfully outbid Comcast in acquiring Fox’s film and TV assets. Fresh news has just come in, however, and it’s not looking good for fans of the iconic space monster.“

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alexgibson1511d ago

I love the Alien franchise but there's no denying it's all a bit of a mess atm.

MWH1510d ago

Like star wars the alien franchise is toast.

Aldous_Snow1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Franchise died long before Disney had it, so you cant blame them

Deadpoolio1510d ago

Wouldn't talk about the quality of anything when one has a garbage trash character name, with a garbage trash avatar from a garbage trash movie like Get him to the Greek/Forgetting Sara Marshall.....Clearly your into garbage trash movies....

Lord_Sloth1509d ago

Your name is freaking Deadpool. Where do you get off judging other people's taste?

MWH1509d ago

Not that i'm into this kind of movies but talking down at other people because they have different preference than yours is the act of the juvenile and the fool.

i just found a more suitable name for you, Deadfoolio. You're welcome, not.

FreakyFox1510d ago

I dont even think they will be thinking about the Aliens franchise just yet, because completing the Marvel circle with X-Men and Fantastic 4, and of course the up and coming Avatar movies will be the talk of the town first.

boing11509d ago

Alien is a huge ip. There is no way they will bury it. They will sell it or, hopefully, fix it with the help from Disney.

PhantomS421509d ago

Hopefully, they can fix it because after Aliens it goes off a cliff. It's not nearly as big as you think it is.

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