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Is ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Greater Than The Sum Of Its Spoilers?

The Deadbeat Critics: “In most cases, the labeling of any moviegoing experience as “an event” is a mark of excellence. Infinity War is absolutely an event film, but that’s just about all it is.“

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masterfox1217d ago

yes it is imo, for me Avengers Infinity is the best movie I have seen in years in terms what a good fun action packed movie has to be, for me a great movie is the one that after you finish watching it you want to watch it again and again and again and so goes on!, all those great actors merge together in such natural way is something to behold, each one fit greatly in their respective role in the movie and the interaction with each other actor was so damn great, freaking awesome job for the Directors too.

Holy hell I'm desperate to see Avengers Infinity part II !!!!!!

KingPin1217d ago

maybe its just me but i wasn't impressed with infinity war at all. it was just another run-of-the-mill marvel movie. more of the same pretty much and even the whole defeating Thanos thing is already concluded and we know the avengers are winning at the end because of all the outcomes Dr Strange seen, only one was the one they won. And before he "died" he even said to iron man "its the ONLY way". so clearly everything is going according to plan they just dont know it yet.

the biggest question i have is why didn't Dr Strange trap Thanos in a never ending time loop? i mean we seen him do it before. and keep in mind at this point Thanos never had all the stones so it was clearly possible.

KTF261217d ago

You're not alone
I feel the plot is stretched so they can make 4th movie

Harkins17211217d ago

Did it ever occur to you that he saw that future and it didnt work? come on now. Thanos had 4 stones at that point.

KingPin1216d ago

did it ever occur to you that Dormammu is more powerful than Thanos with 4 stones......didnt seem a match for Dr Strange then. Or is Marvel making you believe Thanos is the strongest ever because its all led up to this and you afraid by admitting its a let down you some how admitting to wasting the hours you invested in watching all these movies.